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Office Furniture Color Matching Selection Skills

Office Furniture Color Matching Selection Skills


1.Choose color according to office room height.


Old office building, each office is small in size, but the floor is very high, it is easy to have a sense of emptiness and loneliness. Warm tones should be used to match the color of office furniture. No matter what the wall color is, the ground should be deep color to avoid top-heavy. And the new office building, floor is very low, many people work in a large crowded room, easy to get frustrated. Through dimming into light colors, people feel elegant because the light has a sense of expansion. As if the people who like to wear light-colored clothes that make them feel fat. In a similar way, when light color used in space decoration lights, giving people a sense of visual expansion. It looks like the office is extraordinarily tall. The color of light-blue and light-green walls is a good choice. But it's better not to be beige and light brown, the kind of color that makes people feel drowsy, and if there is dust, it feels obsolete.

 executive office desk _ lohabour furniture.jpg

2.Choose the right color according to the office orientation.


Offices with opulent sunshine make people happy. Some offices have two shades or even without windows, which makes them feel cold, and rely on artificial light sources. It is best not to use cold colors in such offices. Brick red, Indian red, and orange can make people feel Warmth, and the wall does not use the color reflection, otherwise it will cause eye fatigue due to light stimuli, which will cause employees to lose focus and reduce work efficiency. If it is for the sunniness office, other colors can be selected appropriately.

 workstation desk _ lohabour furniture.jpg

3.Meeting room is reflected by partial color matching.


The style of the conference room and office is different. If the company's conference room and office are almost the same, but the desk is replaced with a conference table, people are not paying attention to the speaker, and the conference room is decorated like a leadership office, it feels like a lack of democracy. In fact, the main color can be consistent with the office room, but using other special color chairs for leaders, the same color on desks and chairs for middle-level management and ordinary staffs. In this way, senior management leaned over and listened to other people, allowing everyone to speak freely at the meeting.

 meeting desk with projector _ lohabour furniture.jpg


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